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Marple Athletic Under 12s

Under 12s ( Year 7 Sept`18)

We are proudly sponsored by Marple Glass & Glazing.

We try and create an environment where the children feel free to express their skills without fear of being told they were wrong for dribbling with the ball for too long, or for missing an open goal. Our training sessions are based on giving them as many touches of the ball as possible, in fact they usually average more touches of the ball in our warm up than the average Premiership player does in a match!

Each training session we will work on techniques such as passing, shooting, dribbling and hopefully develop these techniques. The final part of the session will be a small sided game so that everyone has a chance to actually play in a match. Our objective is to instill into the children a love and passion for football that matches our own. We know that some children's interest in football will diminish and they may take up other sports, which is great. The main thing is that they have been allowed to play and enjoy football in a safe and pressure-free environment. We will also make sure each child will be offered the chance to play in a match on a Saturday.

The Under 12s will be fielding 1 team for 2018/19 season playing in the East Manchester Junior Football League.

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